Before you can proceed you need to complete your profile with the following items:

Transaction account

  • Credit interest rate (%)
  • Capitalized credit interest rate (%)
  • Daily credit interest rate (%)
  • Monthly fee (EUR)

The credit interest will be calculated on a daily basis at midnight (00:00:00 UTC) and will be based on the total balance at that time. The interest will be paid out daily (366 times in a leap year).

The credit interest rate can change at any given time.

A monthly fee of 2,00 EUR will be deducted on the mensiversary of the account and will apply to the upcoming month (or fraction thereof in case of closure or conversion of the account). It will be deducted from the account section (currency) with the highest balance at that time. The first month will be free of charge.

The monthly fee can change on each mensiversary of the account. You will be informed (by email or notification/message on the Swister website or alternative channel) at least 5 days in advance should this change negatively affect you. In case that the next mensiversary will fall less than 5 days after you received the notification, its implementation will be postponed until the next but one mensiversary, irrespective of whether the change is positive or negative.