Before you can proceed you need to complete your profile with the following items:

3 years augmentable deposit savings account

  • Credit interest rate (%)
  • Capitalized credit interest rate (%)
  • Daily credit interest rate (%)

The credit interest will be calculated on a daily basis at midnight (00:00:00 UTC) and will be based on the total balance at that time. The interest will be paid out daily (366 times in a leap year).

The credit interest rate will be guaranteed until the maturity of the account on 26 Sep. 2025 12:00 AM. On that date the account will automatically be converted into a normal transaction account.

Outgoing transfers before the maturity date are not permitted, but the ownership of the account can be transferred to another/new account holder, subject to the terms and conditions of Swister. The latter will require a successful completion of the new account holder’s KYC check.

The transfer of an augmentable deposit savings account requires possession of a Swister transaction account at the time of the transfer in order to receive the money from the new account holder. Should that not be the case, you will have the opportunity to open a transaction account until the time of transfer to the new account holder. Also the new account holder will be required to possess a Swister transaction account at that time.